White Board Animation

Whiteboard animation at Yepra is creative simple yet highly effective. We are perfect in delivering any business message. We prepare whiteboard video animation in a cool way to get your ideas across by adding some professional graphics and some clean animation to a creative script.

We help you make a great first impression before your clients without using traditional videos. Yepra develops whiteboard animation videos to explain your business to prospective clients and customers and with a suitable music score or professional voice over.

We pen down our ideas and create a detailed storyboard, so that you can get a clear picture of your explainer video’s look and feel, much before the production. We design characters and illustrate the story, which gives an aesthetic visual identity to the script.

Yepra’s Whiteboard animation services take a bit of a unique approach and we believe that the quality relationships and a unique understanding of our clients companies give us a way to enhance business.

We work with both small businesses and large companies and we are proud to say companies that we join hands with us have gone from zero customers to a million in a few years.

Our whiteboard animation videos continue to receive millions of hits within just a few months. We promise to deliver effective animations that drive results, and have the track record to prove ROI.