Yepra Global Corporate Info

YEPRA is a next generation global IT service and solution provider driven by innovation, solution accelerators, and industry best practices & methodologies.Experienced engineers are teamed up with young web geeks to create core frameworks that are both reliable and modern.

We are here on a special mission to provide you with the solution tailored to your business needs, give you confidence and the solution will be of the highest quality. Our solutions will be easy to work with, practical, and easy to customize – three factors that together lead to a faster time to market.

YEPRA differentiates with other market players by virtue of its unique business, solution and technology accelerator frameworks. The customers not only benefit from our methodology tailored for various IT projects but can also leverage our core frameworks which are across industry verticals and technologies in order to attain cost reduction, and implementing industry best practices.

Our common mission is to provide supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn promotes self-confidence and individual personal growth.We provide continuous value to customers through our services, solutions and business frameworks.